Send a care package

 to your college student

every month.

No shopping. No packing. No trips to the post office.


A care package means someone is thinking of you. It's a little boost, a little bit of home. Sometimes it's the difference between having the things you need--groceries, toothpaste, laundry soap--and not having them. (Because college students don’t always tell you when they’re out of money.)

We pack our care packages just like you would, with food, snacks and beverages, laundry supplies and personal care essentials, plus some things that are just for fun! And we always ask college students to help us choose what goes into the box every month.

College Delivery Club makes it easy to send a care package!

There's no shopping, no packing, no trips to the post office. 

Here's how it works:

1. Subscribe

Choose a month-to-month plan, or save money on a 4-month or 8-month auto-renew plan. Shipping is included! Cancel anytime.

2. Ship 

Care packages ship during the first week of Sept-Oct-Nov-Dec for the fall semester, and Feb-Mar-Apr-May for the spring semester.

3. Smile

Happy student! Ready to grab a snack and focus on those classes. You might even get a text, or maybe a selfie. :D

It's easy, it's convenient and your college student will love it!