What's in the box?

There's food, more food, and then there's "not food." Our college-student advisers help us choose what's in the box so we know we're sending what students like. The products are different each month,, so your college student gets a surprise in every box!

Food & snacks

Our college-student consultants have told us that they want meal-type foods more than anything else! So we start with these, and pack the box with college-student favorites. Then we add snacks (some healthy, some indulgent) and beverages. 

Everything is in the original manufacturer's packaging.


College necessities

We also include things that make college life easier, like laundry essentials, personal care products and study supplies.


Need more reasons to sign up?

 Your student will get at least 20 items (usually a few more!) including food for meals, snacks, study supplies, personal care products and laundry essentials. And there's always something just for fun, too!

Our boxes do not contain items related to alcohol, tobacco, birth control, drugs/medication, weapons, gambling or credit card offers. (Not that we're being judgmental; it's just not our place to make those decisions for your and your college student.)

We work hard to give you variety and value in every box!